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'Caring for all Welsh landscape and rural life'

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Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales   


Who are we? »

Wales' foremost landscape Charity founded in 1928 

Our work »

Protect and care for all Welsh landscapes
Champion their responsible use 
Provide a voice for rural communities
Promote appreciation of the heritage and culture of rural Wales

How our work is funded »

Through the generosity of our members and those who support what we do

Why do Welsh landscapes matter to us »

Because they provide for our daily needs and enhance our personal wellbeing 

£2.15 a month, helps us protect rural Wales.
If you care for what's around you, ... Join us now! >>

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Seasons Greetings from CPRW

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Rural Wales Magazine »

Our topical Rural Wales magazine is circulated  three times a year to those interested in our work.
View our new Autumn 2014 edition 
here !

Please help us meet the costs of producing future magazines by donating  here 

Registered Charity number 239899   Contact us here>>

CPRW.... caring for Rural Wales